I have updated some services packages, it may cause VPS provided working down temporarily and unstable.

These instances will ONLY cause IPs changing , your account will not be deleted.
Your port and password will also keep the same. Don’t worry about it.

Now we have services located in :

  1. US Los Angeles ( Colocrossing 1Gbps shared )
  2. US Atlanta  ( Choopa 0.5Gbps shared / 0.5TB bandwitch )
  3. Japan Tokyo ( Choopa 1Gbps shared / 1TB bandwitch )
    *Please Notice Services in Japan will soon be unavailable after 2019/4/13
  4. US Dallas ( Colocrossing 1Gbps shared )
    *Please Notice Services in US Dallas will soon be unavailable after 2019/4/22
  5. US Los Angeles ( zenlayer CN2 GT 1Gbps shared )

*CN2 GT = China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network 中国电信第二代承载网络线路

CN2 Price Table Per Week

unlimited10Mbps ¥7 ¥4
unlimited15Mbps ¥11 ¥9
unlimited25Mbps ¥15 ¥12
unlimited35MbpsRMB 18
unlimited50MbpsRMB 24

Due to high expensive price for CN2 facility, it is unaffordable for personal budget so that it’s in charge.

由于成本限制,CN2 GT为电信明星产品,目前收费。


Services IP:

US Atlanta :

Japan Tokyo :

Please don’t share them in public platform.

We promise one services only shared with 10 people.

But the Internet to China is unstable , we can’t ensure to deal with it.

Click here to know more information.

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